#3 How to wash our products?

As promised - after the general introduction to the washing icons, today we will present more precisely how to handle our products. Here are the icons that you can find on them:



They are made of 100% cotton, which according to Polish norms from 2003 has a natural shrinkage at the level of 6%. Therefore, it is necessary to wash them at a temperature no higher than 30ºC, and preferably using the "delicate washing" option, if your washing machine has one.

In addition, due to the headphones, they need a little more careful treatment - they should not be wrinkled, tumble dried, ironed, dry cleaned and bleach. It is also important that the sweatshirt is turned over to the inside up before washing and the headphones hidden inside - it will protect them by hooking up another thing or drum of the washing machine and breaking off during spinning.

Maybe it is a lot of restrictions, but thanks to this you will be able to enjoy them as long as possible and make full use of their potential.

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