#4 Let's measure!

Everyone wants to their clothes fits perfectly. It’s not easy in stationary stores and it’s more difficult, when we are buying online. This is a reason why right measuring is important before we order anything.

Below we present you how to measure yourself to buy good fitting products..



Bust grith

We measure at the height that is shown in the picture. Do not take measurements in the bra.


Waist grith

Waist grith is measured at the narrowest part of the torso, avoiding pulling in or out of the abdomen.


Lower waist grith 

We measure the grith of the lower weist near the navel or slightly below.


Hips grith

We measure the grith of the hips at their widest point, checking exactly whether the centimeter is not moving (it is good to stand on the side and look in the mirror).


Remember! The grith of the hips is not the same as the grith of the hip bones. These are measured exactly in the place where they protrude, so it is usually narrower than the hip grith itself.




Chest grith

We measure about 4-6 centimeters from the armpit (at the widest point of the chest).


Lower waist grith

Just like women, we measure the lower waist at the height of the navel or slightly below.


Hips grith

In this case, we also measure the same way as women - we have to find the widest ponit and see if the centimeter is not moving.

Remember! The grith of the hips is not the same as the grith of the hip bones.


IMPORTANT! It is also necessary to correctly measure the height. It's best to do it in the morning or before noon (because during the day it "lowers" us a few centimeters) and using a metal measuring tape (the sewing tape may not give an accurate reading). Keep in mind the loose, but straight posture, with your hands lowered loosely along the body. In this position we measure from the top of the head to the heels. It is rather difficult to do yourself, so it is good to ask someone to help. :)


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