#5 Summer Game Party 2018

At 22th of June we took a part of event organisated by student of third year of new media and digital culture and Student research group of video games. Of couse, as an sponsors, we had to be there!

Whole event took place at Insert Coin, gaming pub in our orgin city, Łódź. There was plenty of attra...

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#4 Let's measure!

Everyone wants to their clothes fits perfectly. It’s not easy in stationary stores and it’s more difficult, when we are buying online. This is a reason why right measuring is important before we order anything.

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#3 How to wash our products?

As promised - after the general introduction to the washing icons, today we will present more precisely how to handle our products.

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#2 Our headphones

All our products are equipped with innovative ONE-UP headphones. Sewn in the lining are an element of our clothes, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. In addition, the mini-jack output is placed in the pocket which allows for a handy connection to the smartphone or any music player. Of cou...

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#1 Washing symbols - how to read them?

For sure sometimes the little tags on our clothes can be a big mystery. What does they mean? How to read them? Some of them are obvious, like temperature or hand washing. But what if fabric need a little bit more special care? Maybe right kind of drying or chemical washing? And then struggle is real, cause wrong kind of treatment can cause permanent damage to our favourite shirt or pair of jeans.

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